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"the love story of two five year old dudes"- part 1/???

In which Koujacks finds out Noiz is a maso- I love them so much but I never really considered this ship. And then I did. And now this is happening.

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World’s Most Beautiful Abandoned Places

Italian product manager and web designer Francesco Mugnai recently added a collection of images to his blog touting some of the most beautiful images of abandoned spots and modern ruins that he’d ever seen. The images Mugnai has captured come from empty castles, shuttered power plants, and dilapidated churches around the world. From a sunken yacht in Antarctica to a forever-closed amusement park in Japan, these images all make up a sort of anti-phoenix; rather than rising as new from the ashes, these husks remain preserved in decomposition, forcing viewers to confront the strange beauty of ruination.

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How many years before I can vote for this child? 

How much longer?!

We watched one of his videos in my english class last year, my teacher told us he has some sort of illness and is not expected to live  full life, so he makes these videos because he wants to impact the world while he can…

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Control Issues
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Skin is not as smooth as you’d think… So every touch of the needle creates a new, unexpected flower. I just plant the seed. What makes it bloom is the skin. Skin that’s filled with that person’s passions… That’s why, when I apply the ink, I thrust the needle in with all of my soul.

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*places hands over face and makes embarrassed sounds*

So I wrote this Kounoi/Noijaku headcanon thing about how they would interact with each other in a D/s relationship, and I mentioned Japanese rope bondage in there somewhere (read it if you want the context), and then my brain won’t let go of the image of Koujaku tying up Noiz and oops my hand slipped here, have this self-indulgent piece.

Kinbaku/shibari, when done properly, can be a very intimate act, because of the time the rigger/Top needs to take in order to tie the ropes properly. It’s a careful and sensual process as you slowly restrain your partner with the rope, compared to the use of ready-made shackles and cuffs.

What Koujaku is doing here is a gote shibari (“box tie”), which basically a chest harness that restrains the arms behind the back and is one of the most basic ties.

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WARNING: If BDSM is triggering and/or uncomfortable for you, please do not read. This is NSFW.

This headcanon post discusses BDSM dynamics and a few of the possible motivations behind D/s, written by a Dom(me), who is mostly speaking from experience and not actually a holder of any sort of psychology degree :D I’m not going into details about the mechanics of things; this is more character study than kinky porn. 

In no way should these be taken to be 100% representative of what a healthy BDSM relationship should be like (especially since these two baka are not exactly the most mentally-healthy of individuals to begin with). Your knowledge of what is good and what is bad should be discussed between you and your partner(s), since each individual has different needs and these needs require different treatment when appropriate.

That said, happy reading, and I hope you will enjoy this little bit of writing. 

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